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Wanted: Book and Forum for Futures Trading

  • Hi,

    this is perhaps a little bit off topic, I hope nobody minds... .

    I am interested in future trading.

    Sometimes I get confused by

    My questions therefore are:

    1. Could somebody please recommend me a book / webpage where (automated) trading with regards to futures is covered and which could act as a 'golden reference'?

    2. Which forum is good for asking question more related to the non-coding parts of futures trading?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Remark: I now that Backtrader already offers the possibility to glue futures contract for me. But I would like to understand / discuss the different possibilities anyhow :-)

  • google futures trading and continuous futures contracts - you will find a lot of useful info. is a forum related to futures trading, check out also.

  • thanks a lot!

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