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InfluxDB and Backtrader

  • @jaikumarm Starting this new thread so as not to clutter up the other with unrelated discussion.

    I've submitted the following PRs to backtrader and I know that @backtrader is working to get to a point where he can merge them.

    The first is the InfluxDBfeed support:

    The second provides some scripts for importing data:

    I've been downloading from DTN and staging in local compressed pickle files before doing imports into InfluxDB. I've taken the couple of scripts I have created and instead created a script to import directly from CSV files, and another I just added that pulls directly from DTN and puts the data in minute timeframe into the InfluxDB. Both scripts are lightly tested given they are derivatives of what I have been doing, but they seem to pass a basic smoke test. Once merged into backtrader, I would appreciate any PRs to improve them.

    I did not use pyiqfeed in these scripts as it seemed like overkill for the basic operations I am doing in them. As mentioned, I think pyiqfeed will become very useful if we take the steps to create a live data feed connector for DTN.

  • thanks for posting this, will try the PR's over the weekend and let you know my experience.

  • administrators

    The Pull Requests for InfluxDB have been integrated in the main release (the dependencies have been rewritten as frompackages directives)

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