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Net Profit/Loss Observer Misconfigured

  • alt text
    I added a second timeframe and the panel shown above used to show "Trades - Net Profit/Loss" panel with red and blue dots. Now it doesn't show the colour of the dots so I don't know if the trade is a profit or a loss. Is there some sort of way to configure the observer so it goes back to how it was by default? Why does it change so the image as shown when I add a second timeframe?

  • Okay I managed to fix that by adding stdstats=False and manually adding the observers. However I noticed one of the sell triangles is behind the candle
    alt text
    You can see that a trade is closed in the top observer and if you look closely you can see a red triangle behind the candle. Not sure if this is a bug or something I've done wrong.

  • Okay fixed that issue as well using cerebro.addobserver(bt.observers.BuySell, barplot=True) .

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