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btoandav20 No disconnect / Reconnect doesnt work on live feed

  • Can please anyone tell me in what instance does the reconnect work?

    Ive tried disconnecting the wifi or lan physically and through settings and when I establish the network Backtrader does not reconnect.

    Ive tried playing around with the different variables "reconnections=-1,reconntimeout=1,reconnect=True".

    def notify_data: does not trigger or return any status either on disconnect or reconnect.

    Also can anyone tell me if next() is not being called because no feed or notify_data does not trigger is there any other of detecting no datafeed?

  • Someone might find my findings useful:

    notify_store will return a notification on a disconnect when notify_data will not

    if you increase stream_timeout it seems to help in an instance where you lose a connection and then its restored if the restore happens before the timeout ends.

  • You can create a ticket on GitHub for this issue, at

    This is not an backtrader issue itself.

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