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Buying N day high for trend following

  • I'm having trouble with a simple trend following strategy of buying 55 day highs. I tried using something similar to the Ichimoku indicator.

    hi_bar = Highest(, period=self.p.period)

    I get an error that Highest is not recognized.


  • Seeing the code would make this easier to answer, but you are likely not importing these classes into your strategy code.

    Something as follows:

    import backtrader as bt
    import backtrader.indicators as btind
    hi_bar = btind.Highest(, period=self.p.period)

  • administrators

    The code by @randyt is 100% ok. Some versions ago and to reduce the number of needed imports, the main package gives direct access to subpackages, so you may also do

    import backtrader as bt
       hi_bar = bt.indicators.Highest(...)

    of for even less typing

    import backtrader as bt
       hi_bar = bt.ind.Highest(...)

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