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Plotting a LinesOperationObject

  • Apologies if this has been mentioned in the docs (I couldn't find it), but how do I plot a LinesOperation object that I create within a strategy? For instance, I created a zscore object using two other lines, and I want to plot it. This is what I tried:

    self.zscore = self.spread / self.stdev
    self.zscore.plotinfo.plot = True

    where self.spread and self.stdev are two lines created previously.

    I get the following error: AttributeError: 'LinesOperation' object has no attribute 'plotinfo'.

  • The end of this might help.

  • exactly same question

  • So far it needs to create a new indicator for zscore and plot it

  • Firstly: "lines objects from operations DO NOT GET plotted (like close_over_sma = > self.sma)"
    Second: "There is an auxiliary LinePlotterIndicator which plots such operations if wished with the following approach:"
    And the example:

    close_over_sma = > self.sma
    LinePlotterIndicator(close_over_sma, name='Close_over_SMA')

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