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Why does portfolio value stay the same after running backtest ?

  • Ran the default MA cross strat with custom CSv data. The chart shows many buys and sells but the porfolio value stays the same? any ideas?



    Bonus question: How do you an equity curve on a separate chart ?

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    One of the main purposes of setting up the community was to have things kept here as a reference for other users to see, rather than (for example) having things scattered across closed tickets in GitHub or as comments in a separate platform for the blog.

    As such the best way to seek answers probably is:

    • Put the code here (use the COMPOSE button to see how to best paste, but the syntax is standard markdown)

    • Paste the chart which shows the many buys and sells, given it has been produced

      The default chart has a plot of the evolution of cash and the total portfolio value

    There is no need real need to paste the data unless it may be running for example backwards (like it happened to one user) or you want to show an specific amount of data describing a use case (for example breaking resampling)

    Bonus question: How do you an equity curve on a separate chart ?

    Blog - BTFD (Buy The F... Dip) shows how to do it by unplotting the data feeds and using only observers

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