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Maintaining BT's Reputation

  • I registered today to post a warning regarding potential collateral defamation of BT. There is a registered user, among you, who is, and there is really no other way to describe it, an intellectual-property thief. This individual currently has a posting soliciting a "coder" to email him. He also posts in other places on the Internet, asking for the same. I spoke to this person by phone several times, beginning less than a week ago, and essentially, he runs a scam that works like this:

    • Put a posting up offering payment for coding assistance with advance mathematics.
    • When a person responds by email, get that person to call.
    • During the conversation, which might last up to an hour, get that person to start talking about the advance level mathematics, and mention, of course, that is for trading.
    • Ask questions, explore strategies, write every thing down.
    • At some point, the victim will say.."Ok, so..what's the plan, do you want to hire me or not?"
    • Scammer will say.."Hold on a second..that's my wife calling...then say...let me get back to you later. He hangs-up.
    • During next call, he assigns "tasks" so that the Ph.D-level scientist/mathematician can "prove" that he is worthy of being hired.
    • He repeats this several times, over a week, or however long it takes the victim to realize that s/he is being scammed. One last attempt, he says..."Uh...oh...dinner time." And hangs-up.

    Some of you might be thinking: "That's a very poor way for a person to gain insight into trading". Well, that depends on who does it. This individual is actually trying to get through life this way, riding on the backs of Ph.D. students who might earn less than $10/hour already, hoping to make his kill.

    I should have realized what he was during the first conversation, as it was quite odd that he was posting on a forum in the Internet where less than 1/10 of 1% of readers would be able to figure-out what he was asking for.

    As a bonus, in our last conversation, he nonchalantly asked me to contact people who sit 10 meters away from Nobel Laureates on a daily basis to see if I can glean information from them. I am not at that level, but I know these people, and he figured that he probably had only 1 or 2 more "free" conversations left, so he went for it.

    It's disgusting, to say the least, and though I know that most of you are probably honest people who just like trading, in the future, if anyone ever mentions BT, I will not be able to help myself in thinking: "Oh...yeah...that's the site that harbors intellectual property thieves hoping to get rich by duping other people into figuring out their trading models for free."

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