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Dividends and interest for short positions

  • Hello,

    My name's Nicola, from Italy, and I am going to start my journey with BackTrader. Before I start I have a couple of questions, I'll post them in two separate topics.

    This is the first one.

    When we short a security we must:

    1. pay commissions.
    2. pay an interest rate to the lender.
    3. pay the dividend (ex date) to the lender if the security pays a dividend while we are short.

    I am pretty sure BackTrader can take care of the first point but what about dividend and interest?

    Does it needs extra series for dividends or can we simply add them to the price CSV file as a column?

    If we are in a long position and the securities pays a dividend, is there a way to increment the account by the dividend amount?



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