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Broker Value , what does this mean?

  • Having run my strategy, (starting with 10k cash and 10k value) it appears that I'm cash richer and value poorer?
    I know what cash is , but what is value, does this mean that I have trades at risk, or I have a pile of losing trades, or the value is not realised until the trade is close?
    Basically I want to know if my strategy is junk or not based on the value and cash.


  • Broker value = Cash + Value of open positions.

    In your case short position is open, so cash is more than broker value. When you close it, you will have broker value corrected.

  • does this mean that when i close my positions my broker value will go up to 101875, or will my cash go down to 99246?

  • Your cash goes down to your broker value.

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