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Interactive Broker Live Trading

  • Hi,

    I am using IB paper trading account to place a live trade. The orders are queued and waiting in the api tab in TWS and they are not actually transmitted. I think the error is due to the fact that the paper trading is an advisor account with 5 different leaf user accounts.

    Hence, when I place the order I get an error message :

    errorcode=436, errorMsg = You must specify an allocation (either a single account, group or profile).

    In IBPy implementation, I do see m_account parameter.

    In the forum, a question related to this was raised for which backtrader mentioned that the first account in list is taken as default. Could there be any other reason why the order is not transmitted. I do see in the forum, people are using IB paper plus backtrader to place live order, so please guide if you have seen this before.


  • administrators

    The IB store/broker concept was developed for a single account concept.

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