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Plotnames in Bokeh too long

  • Hello all,

    An annoying problem I've been struggling to fix is that the names of the lines I plot are too long. This makes the graph quite unreadable as you can see in the attached screenshot.


    My classname is Levels and the plotlines are 1..5. It's the whole section in the red rectangles that I'd like to remove.

    I know this problem is probably more related to Bokeh as opposed to BT, however I think it'll be very useful for some BT users as Bokeh plotting offers such versatility.

    Anyone have any advice?

  • Fixed using
    def _plotlabel(self)

  • Sorry, I didn't see this thread earlier. Does it still happend in 1.0.0? If yes then could you post an example of the code that produced this in the plotting thread or as a Github issue? Thanks.

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