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How to get data stream notifier from inside indicator

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for the great platform!
    A fairly straightforward question:

    How do I get the data status (CONNECTED,DELAYED,LIVE etc.) inside my Indicator?

    Inside a strategy I can use

    def notify_data(self, data, status, *args, **kwargs):
  " DATA STREAM NOTIFIER = {}".format(data._getstatusname(status)))
            if status == data.LIVE:
                self.counttostop = self.p.stopafter
                self.datastatus = 1

    But I'm not sure how I can translate this to inside the indicator.


  • administrators

    Indicators do not receive notifications. They are meant to be calculators.

    But nothing prevents you from passing any information to an indicator, via a member attribute or invoking a user defined method.

  • Thanks for the response, and good to know.

    I managed to solve my issue by doing

                status = (self.datas[0]._getstatusname(self.datas[0]._laststatus))
            except AttributeError:
                # Means we backtesting
                status = None

    within the next of my indicator.


  • administrators

    Although that code seems sane, it doesn't make any sense when the data feed for the indicator is not a data feed which provides notifications.

    A classical example is an SMA of another SMA. It would therefore seems more logical and reasonable to pass the information using a method.

    But each master ... has his own way

  • Aha, yes I see your point. Well, for now this will work :)
    Thanks for pointing it out!

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