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Why YahooFinanceCSVData reports the data is broken?

  • I was using YahooFinanceCSVData and things worked great. Then I tried to subclass GenericCSVData with a new date format and Yahoo stopped working. To isolate the problem I commented out the original Yahoo data and got my new format working. When I re-introduced Yahoo it keeps crashing on the date processing becuase it expects a date string format of 'YYYYMMDD' but the file I just downloaded from Yahoo has the date a like '1/1/1950' as the first entry. I delete my new data type and cannot get Yahoo to parse any more. I can go into the code _loadline at line 129 <dt = date(int(dttxt[0:4]), int(dttxt[5:7]), int(dttxt[8:10]))> and change it but what happened.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Make sure you don't open and SAVE a Yahoo data feed from excel as it will change the date format from:

    1950-01-01 to 1/1/1950

    and that will not work with YahooFinanceCSVData

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    @jeff-vahue said in What happened to YahooFinanceCSVData:

    but the file I just downloaded from Yahoo

    As you realized, it was no longer the file you had downloaded from Yahoo.

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