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existing order info from ibbroker

  • Hello,

    Because TWS sometimes disconnects and sometimes requires re-login, I need to include an occasional restart of my trading system and TWS dockers.

    Because my TS is based on limit orders (and not market orders) when I restart there might be orders still pending from a previous session, I would need to extract from interactive brokers the info about the existing pending orders, so that I can manipulate them (i.e. cancel them)

    I'm struggling to get this info, I've explored: which don't seem to be available for an IBBroker, which has lots of info, but don't seem to see anything order related

    how could I get this info?


  • administrators

    The existing broker doesn't implement that functionality.

    Store the orders when notified in your own non-volatile (database, file, ...) and retrieve them as needed.

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