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cerebro.plot() lead to system crash?

  • For some unknown causes, when executing my python script with cerebro.plot in the end, the running script will crash. when I remove it, everything is fine. when it crashes, it throws me a report, which I made a copy in the link...(too long, cannot paste it as text here), which I don't quite understand. Sorry if this question is stupid, I am not a professional developer but an end user of the platform. So if the question is stupid, forgive me.

  • Okay, just figured out the problem.
    It's just matplotlib crashing on Mac OS
    In case anyone encounters the exact same issue as me, look up this link for solution

    Easiest solution is to just type this into terminal:
    $ mkdir -p ~/.matplotlib
    $ echo "backend: TkAgg" > ~/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc


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