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Cancel order accepted

  • I have the strategy checked and cancel orders with () in backtesting mode but live connected to Interactive cancellations are not executed. I have not found a statement in the documentation

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    @gctrader said in Cancel order accepted:

    I have not found a statement in the documentation

    I don't know what you are expecting or what your actual problem is, given the lack of code, logs or anything else.

    You can check that cancelling orders work with the sample which is in the sources. Run it with with these flags for example: --broker --trade --cancel --exectype Limit

    This will use IB as a broker, enabling sending orders and use a Limit order to avoid immediate execution, which will allow to cancel it.

    You will of course need additional flags to chose timeframe, resampling, ticker, port, host and may be client id. But it is your system. you will have to figure those out yourself.

    It may also be wise to run things with the paper trading account or with the demo.

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