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plot size question

  • Hi!
    When I make a plot as in the following:

    num = 20
    fig = cerebro.plot(numfigs = num, barupfill = False, bardownfill = False, style = 'candle', plotdist = 0.5, 
                       figsize=(30,30), volume = False, barup = 'green', valuetags = False, subtxtsize = 7,
                       start = startdate, end = enddate)
    for i in range(num):
        fig[0][i].savefig(output_folder + '/{}_'.format(timeframe) + stratname + '_{}'.format(strat_type) + '_plot{}.png'.format(i), dpi=300, hight = 30, width = 30, tight = True)

    I get one very nice big plot as can be seen here (it's the second image printed):

    and 19 small not so nice plots (where one can be seen here):

    What could be the reason ? Would love to see 20 plots similar to the first one.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @alain said in plot size question:


    Hey @Alain, I was wondering how you got the plot to change size at all!? Which IDE are you using?


  • administrators

    @alain said in plot size question:

    hight = 30

    Things are in the matplotlib arena, but that could have something to do with it.