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cerebro.plot(style='candlestick') question

  • Hello,
    I have been using this wonderful tool for a while now.
    Due to cerebro.plot()'s limited features, I am now trying other plotting libraries.
    I'm plotting large data - a year's worth of 2-minute bars.
    cerebro.plot(style='candlestick') handles it like a champ - the plot is almost instantaneous and the graph navigation is quick.
    However, trying to do this using using Matplotlib.pyplot's candlestick_ohlc takes FOREVER to plot, and after that, navigating the graph is painstakingly slow. regular plots of this data are fast, it's specifically the ohlc that causes problems.
    I wanted to ask how can I achieve cerebro.plot(style='candlestick') performance in Matplotlib.pyplot or a similar plotting library.

  • administrators

    No idea. matplotlib is used.

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