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    • Close #244 by giving feeds the chance to finish initialization by
      themselves, ensuring proper initialization and allowing early data
      download (merged and refactored PR #245)
    • Add support for live data detection and dynamic queue check
      timeouts to avoid pausing on historical traversal when other feeds
      are live
    • Add PR #242 DrawDown length observer
    • Assimilate PR #240 into cash asset
    • Fixes #239 by providing empty values if the data or indicator has
      not produced a value yet
    • New DrawDown Analyzer and refactoring of DrawDown observer
    • Closes #235 by updating PivotPoint Family to make plotting work under new
      sync scheme and automate self-coupling
    • Some usual documentation updates / typo corrections
    • Minor corrections/improvements
    • Address #243 by sorting (timeframe, compression) data feeds internally to
      avoid forcing users to pass smaller timeframes first
    • Add end-of-session calculation, including adding end-of-session to daily
      data from IB

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