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Any reasonably organized reference documentation?

  • I'm pretty frustrated with the organization of the documentation.

    For instance, look at this page:

    • The left column is a list of pages of varying topics and depths in a seemingly random order.

    • The search is ineffective in finding reference documentation, e.g. "where is the strategy reference docs".

    • There is no index to for the functions (!WTF?!). The only way to find a function documentation is to use in-page search, which is ineffective for common terms like "Average".

    It seems like great effort has been put into the documentation and there is so much there, it's a shame it isn't organized in a usable way, particularly for developers just needing API reference documentation.

    Am I missing something?

  • Since you are the first person here complaining about documentation, than you are definitely missing something. And this is really annoying.

    I think you are missing the point that all of this - code, docs, web site - was done by single person in his free time and given to you for free.

    You can stop use of backtrader anytime if it causes you so much pain.

  • administrators

    @alexan said in Any reasonably organized reference documentation?:

    Am I missing something?

    Yes you are.

    1. You could make proposals and not simply criticize.

    2. You could fund a project to get new documentation written in a way you think it's proper.

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