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How to find out the closing price an hour ago?

  • I can not find in WiKi how can I find out the closing price some time ago.

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    Because there is no such thing as the closing price an hour ago. Furthermore, you don't say if you are working with minutes, seconds, hours, days, quarters.

    Even if it seem a simple formulation for you as a human being, if you are working with seconds, there may be missing bars and when 1 hour ago happened cannot be determined with certainty. The same when crossing boundaries (you look backwards into the previous day for the previous hour)

    If you are really focused on time you will have to:

    • Check the current time and write it down into a list.

    When you want to check that time, you look for it in the list.

    For working with indexing (not being focused on time but on bars), please see: Documentation - Platform Concepts and the section Indexing

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