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Anyone use Alpaca? (Zero commision stock trading)

  • Hey all, I've just started using Backtrader and am still kind of learning the ropes of algorithmic trading in general. I've developed a few simple strategies, got some decent back testing results, and have a basic feel for the framework now so I decided to try and hook it up to Alpaca (<- referral link. Non-referral. There's no incentive at the moment.) to see how it performed live trading.

    Alpaca has their own module to interface with backtrader. It seems to connect but for some reason nothing changes in my Alpaca dashboard even though my backtrader output says that it's issuing trade orders. Has anyone had experience with this or know of common pitfalls for newbies? Or even if someone is just starting like me and wants to be a study buddy that'd be awesome!

    Another bummer is I'm not able to monitor my bt program while the market is open. It's hard to find and fix the issue when I can't get live feedback. Does anyone have suggestions on best practices for debugging in this situation?

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