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About version 2.0

  • Dear @backtrader,

    I was wondering about your plans for a version 2.0. I know you have stated multiple times that you have some abstract plans, but currently nothing concrete. I also seem to recall that you want API stability for the current branch, so basically only minor changes, perhaps new modules living in the peripherie and bug fixes are acceptable right now. There have been many threads about the future of backtrader, and as someone who has written almost 40kloc around bt and would like to contribute back, I ask myself the same questions.

    Given what you have stated so far, I would like to hear your opinion om creating an unstable branch. Something to incorporate new code and ideas, without being bound by API stability. Basically, a possible beginning of the next version. Add new well written code and see where it leads bt. Perhaps in the emd it goes to the garbage can, perhaps not. What I have gathered so far, your ideas about mistakes made are quite well formulated, I can see some, but I think it's a pity that I cannot contribute back since most of my changes are larger than just a few lines here and there, and some things I implemented outside of bt even though it does actually belong inside because there is currently no chance of it being merged.

    How do you feel about this?

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    The answer is still being pondered upon.

  • Look forward to

  • @backtrader is there a way reach out to you other than this forum? thanks.

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    Yes for sure. The information, being part of my public professional profile isn't hidden.

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