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How can you tell if a Line Coupler has incremented

  • In my Indicator's next() method (incrementing on an hourly scale) I want to check whether my Line Coupler (which I have passed in - daily scale) has just incremented from the previous call to next.

    So the calls to next() in my Indicator go:

    i = 22 (10:00pm)
    i = 23 (11:00pm)
    i = 24 (0:00am) ----> next day. LineCoupler gives a new value

    Is there a property on a LineCoupler or some other way I can determine this?

    Many thanks

  • administrators

    Use its len as for any other object which has lines.

  • I've tried that but the length is the same as the higher frequency data

  • administrators

    Because the Coupler runs on the same timeframe as the larger timeframe and changes when that changes.

    You are apparently not looking for the change in the coupler then.

  • Correct. I thought there may be a property on the coupler which has access to the original array. I am now using a timer and I think that is much simpler. Thank you for clearing that up

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