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Trade Analyzer

  • Afternoon,

    I am not sure if I understand trade analyzer properly or not. I have done some reading of the documentation, the community and the google; but my instance is still producing results I don't understand.

    For example; a plot will show me having 5 positive trades and 8 negative trades.

    The trade analyzer will then tell me there were 11 total trades.
    My win and loss values are the same at 4.

    It's a long only strategy and the long total is 11, long_win & long_lost are both 4.

    I can provide some code but it's a bit gangly atm. My orders are buying with bracket orders where the execution type is market. If the orders don't hit the bracket in the same day, then the position is self.order = self.close in the final few mins of the day.

  • administrators

    Sorry but with your information there is no diagnostic which can be made. Only a couple of comments.

    @elliotp said in Trade Analyzer:

    bracket orders where the execution type is market.

    This is for sure wrong. Because a Market order has no guaranteed execution price, which means it can land outside of the bracket. Your choice.

    @elliotp said in Trade Analyzer:

    self.order = self.close

    You probably know what you mean, but the rest of the world doesn't.

  • This was all related to my horrible solution for only trading once a day. I'll write more details in the optimization issue thread.

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