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convert datas[0] into a pandas DataFrame

  • Re: Using backtrader data to make a Pandas dataframe from

    I have a similar issue, I'm creating a new indicator and I find it would be really useful to have the datas[0] (or to be able to convert it) as a pandas dataframe.

    There is a quantity of packages available in python to do advanced math using dataframes, additionally handling dataframes is so much easier and common practice that it just makes sense to have a as_dataframe method to get a pandas representation of it.

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    One of goals of backtrader was to not rely on libraries which are not part of the standard Python distribution, no matter how many million users it may have.

    Adding a as_dataframe method would break that goal. Furthermore, understanding your point, you have to consider that the internal representation of the lines is not a table-like structure (like it is the case for a dataframe).

    You can slice, so to say, with the get method of a line and pass the resulting array to the dataframe constructor.

    See: Docs - Platform Concepts - Section: Slicing

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