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Can Backtrader support CCXT?

  • Can Backtrader support CCXT(a crypto trading interface which connect most of big crypto coin exchanges) ?
    I'm doing crypto coin trading

  • administrators

    There is an entire thread dedicated to that topic:

    One of the community members created a fork that supports CCXT (ideally the best way would have been to create only a broker which can be loaded at run time)

  • @backtrader

    I am also interested in the use of CCXT.
    Please, could its integration in the "official" batcktrader be crowdfunded maybe?
    If you are open to that and you can give the cost of this development, let's open a crowdfunding project (Ulule, or other).
    Does this makee sense?
    I thank you in advance for your reply.
    Have a good day.
    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    To the interested readers: maybe to confirm there are some other users interested, and to see how many, can you take part to the poll and vote for this feature?
    The button to vote is quite hidden actually: you have to look at it in the right top corner of Justin Zhang's initial post:

    • there is one tiny ^ ,
    • next to it the number of votes,
    • and then a as tiny v next to it

    like this: ^ 1 v for instance

    To vote up, you have logically to click on ^ symbol :).
    I thank you for your involvement.

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