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beginner question

  • I tried the search and github issues to find the answer to no avail, given the feeds and then, do I need to manually consider dividends return or stock splits?

    My high level goal is, to know when I enter a position, is to know how much is the total return, dividends , increase in stock price, etc. Is there a tutorial for that kind of use case? From the quickstart, it seems to focus on the price of the stock, and no other variables.

    Also, thank you for your work on backtrader, it looks very comprehensive!

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    Dividends and stocks splits adjust the price of the stock. The data provider that you choose should be able to offer you the adjusted price (which is what's used for charting and analysis unless you have a very specific use case)

    If you want to consider how dividends add cash to your account whilst you are holding a position, there is support for that. See this other thread:

  • thank you for the prompt response!

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