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Resampling Fixes for

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    Somewhere along the path to implement trading calendars a bug was introduced which

    • Prevented resampling which was limited to compression only (for sure when the timeframe was bt.TimeFrame.Days although it could have affected other higher timeframes)

    There was a fix proposed by a user with this commit:

    This was obviously not thoroughly tested (by myself) and although it fixed a use case (single data feed being resampled) it actually changed the behavior for other use cases, like for example resampling from subday timeframes to days or resampling a data which is already in the system with the same timeframe but amalgamating bars.

    A parallel solution was being worked at that time and was then left frozen. It has been retaken, improved and gotten some extra changes (because the bug was the combination of small bugs/behaviors after the implementation of the trading calendars) to get things up and running.

    Today, there is a commit (after several test cases were used) with the new fix (and reverting the previous one)

    It is going to be released as

    Shall anyone find any problems, don't hesitate to report them.

  • Thanks a lot for that fix

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