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Is it possible to backtest minute data with a lunch break?

  • Hi pros,

    I'm looking for a backtester that can help me to backtest minute data with a lunch break (the stock market is closed from 11:31 to 12:59 at weekdays). Thus, I'd like to clarify if BackTrader supports this required market trading datetime period before using it. If so, could you show me the way how to do it?

    Many thanks and have a good day!!!


    I've read the thread below and sort of know how to apply minute data

    # Data feed kwargs
    kwargs = dict(
        sessionstart=datetime.time(9, 0),
        sessionend=datetime.time(17, 30),

  • You'd do something like this:

    class MyStrategy(...):
      def next(self):
        now = self.data0.datetime.datetime(0)
        if now.time() >= datetime.time(11,31) and now.time() <= datetime.time(12,59):
           ... your logic here ...

  • administrators

    I wonder if I would have come to such a simple an elegant solution so quickly. The only contribution I could think of is to use the simplification in the comparison that Python offers

    class MyStrategy(...):
      def next(self):
        timenow = self.data0.datetime.time(0)
        if datetime.time(11, 31) <= timenow <= datetime.time(12, 59):
           ... your logic here ...

    Storing the time instances would be wise to avoid creation and recreation of the instances.

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