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speed market replay tool for stocks to acquire more experience?

  • I want to build similar tool to the one below but for stocks!
    Here' s for forex:

    link text
    alt text

    While TOS' Ondemand feature allows to speed up 3x the stock price movement, this is not fast enough for me!
    To accurately simulate stock market, I need granular data such as:

    I know it's pricey, but is there cheap alternative to get this kind of granular data:
    1.intraday price quotes from 1min (ideally tick data! it may be quite expensive, if not 1min is fine)
    2. most importantly - tape information starting from 1 min(time&sales) or better if generated from tick.

    is there vendor to give access to such data?
    but getting just 2 datasets for most stocks in convenient format is ok for me.

    thank u
    ![alt text](image url), sfor

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