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Print all pending orders during stop(self)

  • Dear backtrader-community:

    I would like to print all open orders (all orders that have been submitted but have not yet been executed) at the end of the backtest. I guess the stop() function would be th best place to do this.

    So far I have used this approach:

    def stop(self):
            if self.order.status in [self.order.Submitted, self.order.Accepted]:
                print('-----Asset:             {}'.format(
                print('-----Order Size:        {}'.format(self.order.params.size))

    This works well if there is just one order, but it doesn't seem to work when there are several pending orders. Does anyone have an idea how I can loop through all pending orders?


  • administrators

    The obvious approach would seem to store the orders in a list when seen and remove then when they are no longer active (it is a method in the order) in notify_order. Or simply store then and only consider those that are active during stop

  • Ok great, thanks. Will try!

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