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Latency in IB clients

  • Hello,

    I have been testing the connection and latency of IB. For that I am running 2 ibtest instances with --port 4002 --data EUR.USD-CASH-IDEALPRO --data1 USD.JPY-CASH-IDEALPRO --resample --timeframe Seconds --compression 5 --broker --trade --stake 50000
    which are connected to the same IB gateway with different clientIds.

    In I have only modified one line to see the system clock together with the logs. I was expecting both ibtest instances to produce logs almost at the same time, but as you can see from the logs below, the there is a lag between them. What might be causing one instance to be delayed so much compared to the other ibtest instance?

    Log of instance 1:

    Log of instance 2:

    modification in, inserted following at line 113:


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