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tick-to-trade latency for live trading

  • Hi,

    I am completely new to backtrader. To see if this is suitable for our project, I was wonder what kind of tick-to-trade latency we could expect if backtrader was used for live trading?

    I was not looking for ultra-low latency, but several hundred ms would probably be too slow.

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    @dr_james said in tick-to-trade latency for live trading:

    tick-to-trade latency we could expect if backtrader was used for live trading?

    That entirely depends on which indicators and logic you apply to your strategy. This is Python and not C++.

    The usual tick source for most is Interactive Brokers, which as you for sure know is only a snapshot sent every 250ms. With a few indicators in place, there seems to be no trouble in having a logic in place without blocking. But your mileage may vary.

  • Right. The strategy I was considering actually uses an external news feed as the signal/indicator and places the order on IB. I am assuming this is something backtrader can do, but please correct me if I am wrong.

    So I probably used the terminology "tick-to-trade" incorrectly. I don't know if this would be called "signal-to-trade" or I have also heard the terminology "wire-to-wire".

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    It seems you want to know how much time it takes for an order to be executed by the broker since you issue it.

    Something you probably have to do yourself.

    But backtrader has for sure no optimization to reduce its internal processing time.

  • No, that's not what I meant.

    Since I have never used backtrader yet, I was trying to get an idea about its internal processing time from receiving a signal to sending an order to the broker.

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