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Has anyone got LinePlotterIndicator to work?

  • I have read through the docs and tried every permutation I can think of but so far have not been able to get the LinePlotterIndicator to display on the Plot.

    In the example below, data1, self.r5 and self.s5 all display on the plot but there is nothing from the AboveBelow indicator

    Indicator Definition

    # Indicator that displays whether the data source is above or below certain thresholds
    class AboveBelow(bt.Indicator):
        lines = ('above', 'below')
        params = (('above', 80), ('below', 20))
        plotinfo = dict(
            # Simplify the y scale to 1 and 0 (for true, false)
            plotyticks=[1, 0])
        plotlines = dict(above=dict(color='g'), below=dict(color='b')
        def __init__(self):
            above = > self.p.above
            below = < self.p.below
            # incorrect per the docs
            self.l.above = above
            # first attempt - Doesn't work
            bt.LinePlotterIndicator(above, name='Above')
            # second attempt - Doesn't work
            self.l.above = bt.LinePlotterIndicator(above, name='Above')

    Strategy Definition

    class St(bt.Strategy):
        def __init__(self):
            self.r5 = btind.RSI(self.data1, plotname='rsi_5M')
            self.s5 = StochasticRSI(self.r5, plotname='sto_5M')
            self.abovebelow = AboveBelow(self.s5.K, above=80, below=20)
            self.r5.plotinfo.plot = True
            self.s5.plotinfo.plot = True
            self.data1.plotinfo.plot = True

    Run Strategy

    cerebro = bt.Cerebro()
    cerebro.addstrategy(St, printlog=True)
    cerebro.resampledata(data, timeframe=bt.TimeFrame.Minutes, compression=5, boundoff=1)
    cerebro.plot(iplot=False, style='bar')

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