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issue with self.Position.size

  • I am trying to use a strategy that buys or sells based on how many shares are currently in the position. My issue arises when I test multiple data feeds.

    I have my next function iterate through each data, and for most things I want, I can specify to use the data that is currently being iterated through.

    However, since self.position.size only produces the size for datas[0], when i try to reference size in subsequent datas it produces 0s. Below are the print functions I use.

    print('Start Short {} {}'.format(Time(0),self.position.size))
    print('Add Short {} {}'.format(Time(0),self.position.size))
    print('Close {} {}'.format(Time(0),self.position.size))

    Below are a sample of outputs where the first datafeed prints the size fine but the one that trades right after prints 0s for size.

    Start Short 10:03:00 0
    Add Short 10:08:00 -100
    Close 10:46:00 -200
    Start Short 09:40:00 0
    Add Short 09:43:00 0
    Add Short 09:47:00 0
    Close 10:13:00 0

    I was looking for functions in the documentation that allow you to specify which data to pull the size number from, but couldn't find any. The best I could find was but that produces values in addition to size and i cant pull the size alone.

    How do I get around this?

  • Docs - Strategy

    Try self.getposition(data=your_data)

  • @ab_trader self.getposition(data= your_data) produces -
    -Size: 0

    • Price: 0.0
    • Price orig: 0.0
    • Closed: 0
    • Opened: 0
    • Adjbase: None

    This doesnt allow me to get just the size so that I can make trades on it. I want to be able to say something like :

     if self.position_size(data = my_data) > 500:
        (some logic)

    @backtrader do you have any recommendations?

  • administrators

    Why can't you access the size? It's an attribute of the returned Position instance

    the_size = self.getposition(data=thedata).size

    Isn't that working?

  • @backtrader that solved it!

    I didnt know that .size was an attribute of getposition. If its in the docs i didnt see it.

    Thanks for the help!

  • administrators

    It's documented: Docs - Position

    In any case Python doesn't hide the attributes and you can use the inspect module or simple dir to see what's available.

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