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How to not plot Broker and Trades?

  • I am aware of the stdstats=False option but that removes a whole bunch of functionality. What I am interested in is just removing the Broker and Trades subplots on matplotlib output. In other words how to set

    plotinfo = dict(plot=True, subplot=True)


    plotinfo = dict(plot=False)

    Where/how exactly is that achieved?

  • administrators

    The only way is to use stdstats=False and then add your custom set of Observers.

    stdstats is meant as a default set of reasonable observers to use. Any other combination is a user defined one.

  • @backtrader Thx for the clarification! Had literally just started writing a subclass of Observer

    class OurBroker(Broker):
        plotinfo = dict(plot=False, subplot=True)

    Very complicated :)

  • administrators

    Nothing would prevent you from directly monkey-patching the existing observer classes or replace them in the modules with your own subclasses, but imho, it is better to use addobserver.

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