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MySQL DataFeed

  • Hello

    I created a DataFeed to read the data from MySQL database, just want to share it with you in case someone want to use it

    from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function,
    import datetime
    from backtrader.feed import DataBase
    from backtrader import date2num
    from sqlalchemy import create_engine
    class MySQLData(DataBase):
        params = (
            ('dbHost', None),
            ('dbUser', None),
            ('dbPWD', None),
            ('dbName', None),
            ('ticker', 'ISL'),
            ('fromdate', datetime.datetime.min),
            ('todate', datetime.datetime.max),
            ('name', ''),
        def __init__(self):
            self.engine = create_engine('mysql://'+self.p.dbUser+':'+ self.p.dbPWD +'@'+ self.p.dbHost +'/'+ self.p.dbName +'?charset=utf8mb4', echo=False)
        def start(self):
            self.conn = self.engine.connect()
            self.stockdata = self.conn.execute("SELECT id FROM stocks WHERE ticker LIKE '" + self.p.ticker + "' LIMIT 1")
            self.stock_id = self.stockdata.fetchone()[0]
            #self.result = self.engine.execute("SELECT `date`,`open`,`high`,`low`,`close`,`volume` FROM `eoddata` WHERE `stock_id` = 10 AND `date` between '"+self.p.fromdate.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")+"' and '"+self.p.todate.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")+"' ORDER BY `date` ASC")
            self.result = self.conn.execute("SELECT `date`,`open`,`high`,`low`,`close`,`volume` FROM `eoddata` WHERE `stock_id` = " + str(self.stock_id) + " AND `date` between '"+self.p.fromdate.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")+"' and '"+self.p.todate.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")+"' ORDER BY `date` ASC")
        def stop(self):
        def _load(self):
            one_row = self.result.fetchone()
            if one_row is None:
                return False
            self.lines.datetime[0] = date2num(one_row[0])
  [0] = float(one_row[1])
            self.lines.high[0] = float(one_row[2])
            self.lines.low[0] = float(one_row[3])
            self.lines.close[0] = float(one_row[4])
            self.lines.volume[0] = int(one_row[5])
            self.lines.openinterest[0] = -1
            return True

  • thx for sharing

  • @mrahmadt
    Is there a way to indicate in _load function that this feed is live feed and to modify load function to return None.
    If _load returns None, then it would indicate cerebro that wait, feed is on the way to be received from database. Otherwise Cerebro will exist.
    Your above script helped me a lot, thanks.

  • @mrahmadt you are the real hero, love you <3

  • Slightly off topic - What are the benefits of using MySQL over a CSV?

  • 非常感谢!
    Thanks a lot

  • @Aditya-Khurana Database can be used for live trading where one feed is live and another feed is for historical data from database.

  • How to use this with Cerebro?

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