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Exception in lineseries

  • I'm testing a modified version of the with about 50 symbols. When it finally get connected and symbols go live I get an exception in that I'm not able to resolve:

    ValueError:  __len__() should return >= 0

    it breaks here:

     def __len__(self):
          Proxy line operation
            return len(self.lines[0])

    I have not modified any files or modules except the The modification of is straightforward and I am able to get live data for even 20 symbols with no problem. The exception happens when I am working with higher number of symbols. I can provide the code if you're interested.

    I run the program with these arguments:

      --port 4001 --no-backfill_start --resample --timeframe Minutes --compression 1 --clientId 1111

    and I connect to IB Gateway in Windows and program is running in Debug Mode python 3.

  • administrators

    A full exception trace would be a lot more useful than the selected final line, which only says that something hasn't got a length.

    The full trace will give hints as to where the error was triggered and not where the error finally happened.

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