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Daily return (P&L) of total broker value

  • Dear Backtrader community,

    I replicated the quickstart example with the SMA indicator (chapter: "adding an indicator"), and it works perfectly. Backtrader is awesome, so thanks to everybody who contributed to this project and the great documentation!

    I would now like to better understand the return characteristics of the strategy, and would therefore like to access the daily returns ("PnL") of the strategy (=total broker value of active positions and cash combined). The final idea would be to plot a histogram of the daily returns of the strategy and compare it with the returns of just "buy-and-hold"-ing the asset, similar to this plot:

    So far I could only find the absolute value of the broker (using "broker.getvalue()") but not the daily returns (= daily percentage change of the absolute value).

    Could anybody indicate where the returns are stored/how I can access them? I couldn't find that in the documentation nor the forum...

    Your help would be highly appreciated!


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    You have to plug in an analyzer.

    You probably want to read this post:

  • ok great, thanks!

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