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Any API to retrieve an order object instance using order.ref?

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    First of all, thanks for the the awesome back testing system, the great documentation and this wonderful community discussion portal with very nice UI and search functions.

    Ok here is a little question regarding orders. I've walked through multiple tutorials related to order management including "Multi Example". In all tutorials that I've looked at, all orders are tracked using reference number (i.e. "order.ref").

    Since to cancel an order, we'd need to an actual order object instance. My question is whether there is any way to retrieve an actual order object instance using some API method and the order's reference number? I'm looking for something like myStrategy.getOrder(anOrderReferenceNumber).

    Best regards.


  • administrators

    Keep the order itself.

  • Got you. Thanks for the super fast response.

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