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How does Backtrader calculate PnL in currency trading

  • How does Backtrader handles PnL calculation in currency trading? For example, When I close a position in USD/CAD, I am PnL in CAD units, In order to let the observers(cash, value, etc) make sense, I need to convert all PnL to my home currency which is USD. I have searched the docs, but didn't find any solution to this.

    My question is quite obvious, I think I must have misunderstood something. Any helps would greatly appreciated.

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    It doesn't. One would need a constant source of exchange rate values and understanding that you are trading different currencies.

    But yes, you can: what you need is to define your own commission scheme, which is actually in charge of calculating the profit and loss.

    For example: Docs - Extending Comissions

    There are some other chapters in the docs about commission schemes.

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